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canadian prison law association

The Canadian Prison Law Association is an organization of lawyers, academics, and other professionals who work with and on behalf of prisoners to protect and promote the constitutional rights, interests and privileges.

Our advocacy extends from the community, to dealings with prison and release authorities. We also produce and share legal information, and promote adherence to the rule of law within the prison law environment. You can read about some of our recent activities on our News page. 

We are led by an Executive Committee which is elected by our members. Our current Executive Committee is Tom Engel (President), Jen Metcalfe (Vice President), Abby Deshman (Treasurer), Les Morley (Secretary), Simon Borys (Advocacy), Kate Mitchell (Legislative review), and Amy Matychuk (Communications). 

Learn more about the history and founding of the CPLA here.

For more information on the CPLA's current governance and mandate please read the CPLA's Constitution and bylaws.

The Canadian Prison Law Association is a non-profit organization.

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